We are proud to announce that Beyond Trauma and Attachment is now a 501c3 organization.  That means your donation is 100% tax deductible!  Visit our paypal link to the right to make a donation!! 

Need some support?

Contact us!  Either at BeTAlifeline@email.com or through our facebook page (click on the link over to the right)

We will be happy to connect you with other moms in your area, in your state or connect you with some online support via our facebook page or simply through email.  Together we can do this!

Who are We?

We are moms of kids who came from tough situations.  Perhaps they grew up in abuse and neglect situations, perhaps they were raised in an orphanage, perhaps they were placed for adoption, perhaps we aren't sure why but through no fault of their own, they were exposed to early trauma and may have resistance attaching to their new families.  We are bio moms, step moms, foster moms, adoptive moms and other female caregivers.  We realize that we need to provide extra help for our children and therefore rely on each other's experiences to help them grow into the children that they are meant to be and offer them all the support that we are able.  

Our Mission

To support families who are raising children who have Complex Trauma and attachment issues by networking, offering support, and educating others.